About Us

More Than a Thrift Store is a nonprofit thrift store that donates 100% of its net-proceeds back to the community. We opened on Saturday, July 9, 2011. After our first 12 months of operation, we were able to donate $10,000 back to the community. After our second year in business we donated $23,500 and were able to repeat this our third year in business. During our fourth year of operation we were bursting at the seams, so decided to make a move, and found a location offering 3 times the space as our old location. So we made the move to our current location of 19 Ralston St. Due to the expense of moving, we were unable to make a donation after our fourth year in business, but came back strong the following year, our fifth year, with a $30,000 donation! And now for our sixth-year donation we are spreading the wealth around, by donating to a variety of nonprofits, instead of just one. We do not know who they will be yet, but in July we will reveal the lucky recipients. You can be a part of the annual donation simply by shopping at or donating to More Than a Thrift Store; it’s that easy!

At More Than a Thrift Store all items are donated so we can, and do, keep our prices down. We offer quality items at low prices. We sell ordinary, useful items, as well unique, one of a kind finds. Variety, quality, low prices, essentials as well as necessities are concepts embraced at More Than a Thrift Store, so everyone can find something that meets their needs. Whether you are shopping for necessities in life or just out on a treasure hunt, you will enjoy a trip to More Than a Thrift Store.

More Than a Thrift Store exists to make life easier for people. We all work hard in life and often find that what we need to buy is just too expensive. So we take the items donated to the store and make them available at low prices so you can buy what you need/want in life and not break the bank. This helps people who have stuff they do not want any more too. Because now they can bring their unwanted stuff to us, we will turn it into cash by selling it at low prices and take that cash and donate it right back to the community. Helping in so many ways!